Getting the car into the lab

I had no idea if we would be able to get it into the lab or not so it sat in the foyer for a while I ordered some jacks, axle stands, and skids. Eventually we decided to move it into the lab. It took 3 attempts to get it around the corner in the corridor we were just about to give up when someone suggested one more attempt. Not sure how we managed it, but we did get it turned so we could push it down the corridor. We filmed this as I figured at some point Id probably end up making a video.

Car in the foyer and everyone has their photo taken with it!!

The car was taken off its skids and reversed into the robot lab.

Finally the car is in the robot lab, we’re going to need a bigger lab

Then not a lot happened for quite a while, largely due to teaching and other research projects. However, the px2 didn’t arrive until July ‘18 and the LIDAR didn’t arrive until in Jan 19. But a lot of thought and research went on. Action was a result of the pending CVSSP 30th year celebration and being reminded that the car was coming up to its annual service (and Id probably only put 5 miles on the clock). In discussion, Oscar said that if we wanted to get it done, then we were probably going to have to come in at the weekend. Any spare time (and then some) was being taken up with the new robotics module. That weekend I came in and spent my first Sat morning cutting a roof rack to size…

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