Time to start wiring the roof sensors

Time to start on the wiring. The roof has 6 cameras, a lidar and a beacon so that’s 8 wires. These need to be fed our through a cable gland and then braided into a single umbilical before breaking out to each device on the roof rack.

It was a bit fiddly as the largest gland I had wasn’t really big enough but after enlarging the hole they just about fitted with a bit of encouragement.

We staggered all the wires to reduce loose wire in the roof and cable tied everything to the framework.

The umbilical exits via a hole in the cut out above the seat belt and is then cable tied to the roof rack bar. It could probably have been tidier but it’ll do. Wired up the beacon and gave it a test.

Oscar checked all the cameras worked, although we forgot to check the lidar (fingers crossed).

There quite a bit of spare wire in the boot as it’s such a small car. Although it would be fairly easy to shorten the lidar cable, it’s difficult to shorten the camera leads. As these are the bulk of the cables, we will just coil the excess neatly somewhere.

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