Installing a monitor in the back door

Obviously we need a monitor for working on the px2. This is not intended for use during driving, that was the purpose of the wires we routed to the front cabin. The monitor in the boot will be for debug. While one solution would be to plug in a monitor when we need it, I though it would be more convenient to have a small permantly installed monitor in the boot.

I found a 13.3 inch hd monitor on Amazon, super lightweight, metal cased with vesa mounts and importantly 12v. It has the added advantage that is could also be powered by a 2amp 5v USB feed. So I ordered this along with 2 different vesa mounts as I wasn’t sure which one would be best. Ironically when it arrived, the metal VESA mounting bracket is actually heavier than the monitor.

As with much of the car, the boot door in the cargo Twizy is largely plastic. The hinge is metal and upon investigation there is a horizontal metal bar that comes off the hindge and gives support for the door. So this metal bar was the best thing to mount to. Provided the monitor is not too heavy, it shouldn’t put excessive strain on the hinge and when the door is closed it’s obviously supported in both sides, the hinge on one side and the latch on the other. To gain access, I removed the rear light unit which allowed me to confirm the bar was metal. This is easily done by undoing the two bolts that hold the lighting unit to the metal cross bar from the inside.

The bulbs just unclip in their holders and dangle down by their wires. I drilled straight through the inside plastic and through the metal bar.

The vesa mount would have been too large for the bar if I used the original mounting holes so I used a bit of flat aluminium bar to reduce the distance between the mounting points.

and then mounted the monitor to the bracket with some thread locker for good measure, hey presto.

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