‘She’s alive’: Booting up the px2 for the first time

Ok so the PX2 is in and connected to the sensors. Let’s boot it up and test if all the sensors work.

Flashing beacon light… check

Fans… check

Thermometer… check

and round the back

Atmospheric boot lighting… check

and the PX2 is alive…

This is the monitor in the boot, it’s showing the 6 camera feeds along the top. On the right are two SAND feature maps computed by a neural network on the fly using one of the GPU’s in the PX2. Jamie’s SAND features are from our 2019 CVPR publication:


In this image your can also see the lidar point cloud and the model of the Twizy, Oscar has been getting the software ready in prep.

It all works, although we’ve got some calibration to do now and there are more sensors that need to be added before phase 1 is complete such as the wheel odometer, parking sensors and GPS/IMU.

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