Body work and decals in prep for CVSSP 30th Anniversary

I’m going to have to come back to the batter and power distribution. The car needs to be ready to show at the CVSSP 30th anniversary event on the 4th/5th April so we will demo the sensors using mains power.

With one day to go it’s time to tidy up, get the panels back on, give it a good clean and brand it.

We only needed to remove the wing mirrors, the panels over the door arch and the ones at the back of the door opening (so far) so that’s what needs to go back on. The first to go on is the one over the door, it just clips back in place using the original clips and a single screw. I needed to cut a small notch out of it to allow the metal band holding the roof bar clean passage. Did it by eye with a Dremel. 5 minute job. The rear panel is next and finally the wing mirrors which help hold the panels in place.

Then it was a quick clean and a wipe down with degreaser before the the decals could be applied. I’d been so wrapped up with teaching a new course in robotics which was consuming much of the week and the car at weekends, it was only when Helen “sorted me” that they got ordered. Unfortunately the lead time on dcals was too long but vinyl stickers were quick as was simple letters in fixed fonts.

We ordered “Surrey Autonomous Testbed” and “Deep Autonomous VEhicle” (Dave, the cars name) as vinyl decals. The 3 logos (AVP, CVSSP and Surrey Uni) were ordered as vinyl stickers and I’ll replace them later with dcals.

I won’t go into how to apply vinyl, there’s plenty of YouTube instructional videos for that (which is what I used). It’s fairly easy although the curves in the car are a challenge and I’m not convinced I chose the best lines to follow but hey ho….

Doesn’t look too bad.

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