CVSSP Anniversary Celebrations

It’s show day and we need to get the car out of the lab, down the corridor, out of the building, into the next and get it set up to show off along with all the other demos.

The car has been on axle stands for the last 2 months so we lowered it back into the floor and drove it out of the lab.

Then we put it on the skids…

and pushed it back down the corridor….

drove it out of the building, did a couple of turns for fun around the Alan Turin statue and into the management school building where the celebration was…

once the car was over we took the Baxter demo over…

and the Sign language demo…

The event was a great success, see the celebration video here

Then everything was packed up and taken back to CVSSP ready for the more informal Friday event back in the labs.

On Friday 5th everything was set up again in the lab…

and after another long but successful day, we celebrated with a BBQ and some drinks. Here are some group shots of the cognitive vision lab after all their hard work

I might be a little quite on the blog front for a while as I’m going to take a rest from the car. It’s taken some of every weekend for the last 2 months and a fair few evenings as well. Time to spend some time with the family. But we’ll get into phase 2 as quickly as possible.

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