The info on this site is designed to document the process of us turning a Renault Twizy into an autonomous testbed for research. Any information is given without guarantee on the part of the authors or the University of Surrey. The authors disclaim any liability in connection with the use of this information. It is your responsibility to ensure that anything you do to your own vehicle is safe and legal in your country. You should also be mindful of anything that may invalidate the warranty of your own vehicle.

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Why on earth would you decide to build your own autonomous car?

Ok so we’ve got a car, now what?

Getting the car into the lab

Building the mounting framework

Sekonix Camera Mounts

Time to cut some holes in the body work

Building the boot framework

Time to start wiring the roof sensors

Installing a monitor in the back

Wiring up the boot

‘She’s alive’: Booting up the px2 for the first time

Body work and decals in prep for CVSSP 30th Anniversary

CVSSP Anniversary Celebrations